2017 Waxing Poetic


It isn’t very often I free form, pretending I am writing in a journal that no one will see including myself rereading it, but a year ends and waxing poetic calls to me. I am not always quick to ponder the past year, but today I find myself looking back at ol’ ’17 as if to say ‘it’s time for you to go dang it!’

I do see that with more age comes better perspective. Most people may not respond after this years events as I would. Knowing I had to leave a group of friends and getting laid off within weeks of each other. I am surprised how much freer I am after both events. Yes, it took some healing time and willingness for true perspective, but now it is taken care of instead of an open wound. It feels now like I am grateful for it all in spite of it’s harshness, but glad it is finished too! I had to stomp my boots on the rose colored glasses I wore in regards to the old friends and be honest about my old job that it wasn’t near my heart’s desire regardless. I have long believed that God does not bring me to anything that He cannot carry me through.

In 2017 I come away with two big things about God and His nature. 1.) Sometimes I must allow Him to do hard things that are creating my good! 2.) He is truly always good regardless of my perspective at the time. So I realize that losing something that I thought was great for me is Him doing good. I don’t know about you, but I would rather hurt temporarily to avoid a continual cycle of dysfunction!!! I look forward to another year of learning about the relationship between God and myself.


R.W.B. Pearls 12-16-17

We have all been encouraged through the faith (church, sermons, etc) to be givers. Sacrificially, completed, as He leads we should give what He asks. But is there anything more disappointing than giving the best gift you have to someone who is bad at receiving? Be a good receiver in Christ! No one should ever doubt any prayer/encouragement they offered you by your response (or lack of one). There have been times I have had to see what God is up against! I told Him once or twice “God I love you so much, but what the blast is wrong with the people here?!!!!”